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Player and Spectator Code of Conduct

Player and Spectator Code of Conduct

All registered players are bound by this code of conduct. A player, whether on or off the field, must refrain from:

  1. Continual breaches of the rules;
  2. Swearing, foul, abusive or derogatory language which includes comments or actions;
  3. Verbal abuse including language, comments or words that threatens or denigrates a player, referee or spectator on the basis of his/her religion, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, national or ethnic origin;
  4. Talking back to or arguing with a referee;
  5. Dissent or disapproval towards a referee following a decision by the referee;
  6. Intentional physical contact not permitted by the rules or striking a player, referee, spectator or representative from The Social Crew;
  7. Attacking the head of an opponent or tripping an opponent;
  8. Entering the field under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  9. Excessively hard touches or overly aggressive game play;
  10. Any action deemed, in the ultimate discretion of the referee or competition manager, to bring the game into disrepute or any other action which is not in the spirit of the game.

Should a player (or team) breach the Player and Spectator Code of Conduct above, The Social Crew may take whatever action necessary including but not limited to: suspension of individuals and teams; individual bans or team bans; escalating the matter to Police or appropriate law enforcement bodies.

If more than one player from the same team is involved in an a breach of the Player and Spectator Code of Conduct above, The Social Crew reserves the right to remove the entire team. [Should a team be banned or removed from the competition on account of a breach of the Player and Spectator Code of Conduct, all monies paid will be forfeited unless The Social Crew agrees to refund a portion of the season’s fee].

PLEASE NOTE, THE SOCIAL CREW has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to acts of violence. The Social Crew takes such incidents extremely seriously. Any player or spectator involved in any violent act will be banned from The Social Crew. The ban will in most cases, be for life and only if there are extenuating circumstances, will that player/spectator be allowed to return. The Social Crew will also escalate such incidents to the police where required.